Upblouse site review

Upskirtcollection.com is fairly self-explanatory, but there is so much more than the name suggests. Along with upskirt shots, both posed and voyeur, there is also other great content like downblouse. This is a site for those of us who love a good flash from a female. They have a huge database dedicated to quality pics and video of glimpses of women’s body parts in every type of situation featuring every type of girl from girls next door to MILFs to party girls showing you their panties or lack thereof.

The collection of content is so huge that they divide it into types for easy searching. The categories are Upskirt, Panties/Bikini, Tight Jeans, Sexy Shorts (my personal favorite), Celebs, Lingerie, Down (Up) Blouse, Camel Toe, Tennis Upskirt and Nudism.

UpskirtCollection main pagePROS

The biggest pro of this site is having such a large collection of a specific fetish with the absolute best of what this particular fetish has to offer. I love the mixture of amateur voyeur stuff and models posing. It’s the best of both worlds to say the least. They keep their site growing at a rapid rate by taking user submitted content and they even give money away to the winner of the best voyeur and upskirt content of each month. I have searched all over the net for content like this before and it is usually pretty scattered. Other sites dedicated to this type of fetish don’t have near as much quality content and the content they have isn’t all that great. This site has only the best and the most variety.

Another great feature is that they offer limited access for free so you can get an idea of what the site is all about and the type of content they offer on a regular basis. When you fill out a simple form and confirm your e-mail address, you can receive 20 photos or videos. If you like what see, they offer many cheap options to help you ease into it. They actually give you a full day of access for only $1. You can’t ask for more than that if you want to check out the quality of the site for yourself. When you decide to get a subscription, that’s when the fun really starts. They post a whopping 1 to 5 updates every single day.

Daily updates
Daily updates

The full price of the site is $29.95 every 30 days which is the same price as a lot of sites that only offer 1 or 2 updates in a week. With this site, you get regular updates every day and a wealth of unique user submitted content. The best deal is to get 181 days access for $89.95. This would bring your monthly cost down to only $14.95. This is a steal considering how much new content you get all the time. As if this wasn’t a good enough, premium members get access to tons of bonus sites. At the time of this review, the bonus sites were 100 Cameltoe, 100 Upskirts, Home Hidden Cams, Home Voyeur Video, Teen Home Porn, Porn for Relax and Wild XXX Parties.

Not many sites offer such high quality voyeur pics and video, posing models and celebrity upskirts and downblouse shots all in one place. There are over 350,000 photos and almost 10,000 videos and those numbers are climbing fast. Couple that with all the content on the bonus sites and you have hours and hours of titillating fun. Photos make up the majority of this site and they are almost all clear with good lighting. They are of varying sizes, but all decent quality. The voyeur videos range from a few seconds to a minute, but the models videos can be as long as 5 minutes in HD.


There are not that many cons when you take the content for what it is. Much of it is voyeur, therefore pretty unpredictable. Some of the videos and pics are pixelated, but that is the nature of voyeur content. But when it comes to the models videos and pics on the other hand, the photographer has the freedom to take his time and get nice and close. He also has the chance to get just the right lighting and focus. Luckily this site has plenty of both types of content.

Many of the voyeur videos are pretty short. Some are only a few seconds. Again, this is the nature of the content, but some of these girls are so smoking hot that you are dying to see more of them. Also, I understand that much of the voyeur pics are lower resolution, but I expected a lot more high resolution stuff in the model pics. They are still pretty good and nothing really to complain about, but if they are models posing, they have the opportunity to make these pics much more high quality.

I wish there were more download options for both pictures and video. Video is convenient one click downloading, but you can only download in the one format. Also, you can only view pictures as pop ups and right click to save. You cannot download a whole series of pictures in a zip. Neither one of these is really that much of a problem though because almost all the content is pretty easy to load and good enough quality to fill the screen without slow downloads.

Free previews
Free previews

I wish there were some separate photo galleries from the video. The picture galleries are basically HQ picture representations of what you see in the video. Sure, it’s good to see stills of the action, but you could get almost the same thing by pausing the HD video or taking a screen capture.


Let’s face it. The amount of content and regular updates is the star here. So much of the content is of minimal quality, but that doesn’t matter that much when it comes to content like this. It still looks good and it still fills your screen. If you want crystal clear, expensive HD quality then go to a site that caters to that kind of content. This site has exclusive content that just keeps coming. Some of the girls, especially in the voyeur content, are so unbelievably hot and you would never get a chance to see these girls anywhere else. This is the best concentration of voyeur content I have seen and, mixed with the model content and bonus sites, it’s well worth the price.