Downblouse WOW site review

She walks in. She’s wearing a simple blue button down shirt, the top button barely being held in place. She’s carrying a laundry basket. She walks toward you, setting the basket on the bed in front of you. As she lowers the basket her top button pops and suddenly she is exposed, ever so slightly. The lace on the top of her bra is showing as she bends over to grab something out of the basket. She leans deeper and you can see the soft curves of her breasts against the silk of her shirt. Her honey skin seems to glow as she bends deeper and deeper, her breasts coming together to create the cleavage of your dirtiest dreams.

This is the world of DownBlouse Wow. Hundreds of hot women all unsuspectingly exposed for your viewing pleasure. They are not full frontal in their nudity; they barely show the skin. But this soft core site will tease the pants off of you, one downblouse at a time!

Downblouse Wow index page
Downblouse Wow index page


What does DownBlouse mean? It means gazing down the shirt of a beautiful women to get a peak of her lovely lumps hiding underneath. It means seeing unassuming women accidentally reveal themselves without being the wiser. Above all, it means seeing gorgeous breasts!

DownBlouse Wow was started in 2012. Even though it’s a relatively new site it still features a lot of really great content. There are over 250 videos on the site with beautiful women bending over and showing off their breasts. And the breasts are quite glorious. From slim faced women to extra curvy ones and every body type and skin color in between, this site really caters to everyone. You might have thought you had a type, but once you get down with Downblouse Wow you will realize you really just liked boobs.

The site is based out of the United Kingdom and is dedicated to using UK models, but that doesn’t mean you’re getting all pasty white girls. There is a diverse mix of women in the videos just like there are in that magical land across the pond!

Downlbouse Wow - member zone
Downlbouse Wow – member zone

The site is relatively affordable. You only pay $14.95 a month for all of this content. There aren’t many bonus sites or content to speak of. If you want you can pay $34.95 and get 90 days of access instead, a real money saving deal.

The real key to DownBlouse Wow is that it is classy in its approach while simultaneously putting you in the drivers’ seat. The site is shot from the viewer’s POV. It uses the ‘invisible man’ technique to allow the viewer to safely peep on these beautiful breasts. The women are doing unassuming, everyday activities. Things like folding laundry or making the bed. Suddenly, their breasts are exposed! But never fully. Only the slightest gazes down the blouse. Get it? DownBlouse Wow!

The site also features screen caps for the videos, so you do get some photo content. The site is really easy to navigate. There is not a lot of congestion. Due to its age it is very crisp, clean and not dated looking at all. The photos and videos are all easy to find in the navigation bar and you can see the most recent updates right on the home page. As a member you can download all of the content too, so you can keep your peeping escapades with you.

The most important pro is that it is a site dedicated to Soft core only. There are not a whole lot of soft core only sites in the world right now, and it’s nice to see one that is so wholly dedicated to our favorite pairs of twins. If you have been looking for a great soft core site, Downblouse Wow is for you.


The videos on the site are not HD. In a world full of HD videos, that’s a pretty big drawback. On top of that, the videos run about 3 minutes in length each. On top of all of that, you can’t stream the videos online. You have to download them. And there is a download limit of 3 GB a day. That’s a lot of gigs, but the older videos are all pretty big so you might not actually be getting that much bang for your buck.

On top of that, the site is short on content. It only has about 250 videos. The videos themselves are very tantalizing and teasing, but with such little content the price seems a little high. Each video comes with a few screen caps, but only about 6 per video. And the screen caps are not great quality either, (no HD video, no HD screen caps,) and they are often of moments that we didn’t’ find particularly interesting to begin with.

Downblouse Wow - member zone video
Downblouse Wow – member zone video

You can only download the videos in WMV. That’s not a huge deal, but if you happen to have a mac you might need to get a converter.


At the end of the day the site gives you exactly what it says it will; beautiful breasts being exposed by beautiful women in everyday situations. If your fantasy is to walk in on a beautiful pair of breasts being exposed, this is the site for you. If you want something that has a little more content or is updated a little more regularly, you might try another similar site in the DownBlouse Family, but if you are looking to get your feet wet in the fetish then this is a great site to start with. It’s affordable, and there are enough videos to get you going. That, and the girls are gorgeous. What more could you really need?