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You’re watching your favorite video when a great pair of tits pop out. You want to focus on those big, round, delicious melons when all of a sudden there’s a guy’s hands there, getting in the way. You can still see some side boob, but you aren’t getting nearly the view you want. Why put up with someone getting between you and those breasts? Downblouse Loving gives you all of the breasts that your eyes can handle with none of the male interference. You can see all of these beautiful breasts the way you want to; on the beautiful women they belong to!

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Downblouse Loving has been around since 2009. On the internet it’s really hard to find sites that have been around for a year, let alone five of them, with consistent updates. There aren’t very many sites that have such a long track record, and we definitely think that is a plus. On top of that they have proven that they can change with the times. For example, they have increased the quality of their technology as the times have changed. That kind of forward thinking means that they might be around for five or ten more years!

As far as soft core sites go, this site is great. It gives exactly what it says it will; beautiful breasts in their natural environment. The videos all feature beautiful women who are well endowed doing day to day activities with their breasts center stage for your viewing pleasure. The site employs the “invisible man” camera technique; you are the camera and you are looking down these blouses like you would if those beautiful breasts were in front of you in real life. They creatively put these breasts in the forefront, too, so you won’t be bored by stale content. On top of that there are over 200 models on the site that are all incredibly beautiful, and of course have the goods that you want to see. On top of having great breasts, they are all beautiful UK girls. If you love these beauties from across the pond then you are going to love this site.

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Most of the videos are HD, so the breasts won’t even be pixelated. They update the website two to three times a week, on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s. The best part about that is that you can have a brand new video to start your week, a new video for hump day, and one to jazz up your weekend. When they post new content it’s typically one to three videos at a time, too, so you could even space out each new video from day to day and watch a new hot pair of breasts every single day of the week! There are very few gaps between video dates, which means that they are consistent with their update promises. All of the content is exclusive to Downblouse Loving, so you don’t have to worry about seeing recycled content from other sites.

All of the content can be downloaded, though there is a limit as to how much you can take from day to day, (it’s about 35GBs, so we doubt that you will reach that limit any time soon…) That being said there are over 3,000 videos to choose from, and that’s from the date of review. Who knows how many updates have happened since then! There are over 1,000 videos under the bonus content section as well, so that brings us up to over 4,000 videos for your viewing pleasure. The site is nothing if not prolific; they really care about these breasts and want to make sure you get your eye full!

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The site is video only. This might not be a con if that is what you are looking for, but a lot of people do like to have some photographs to go with their videos. On top of that most of the videos are only about 3-8 minutes in length. A lot of people confuse them for being teasers, but they are actually the full length videos. Most of the videos span the 1-3 minute range, which kind of blows. You see those perfect breasts, but you want to see more than they give you! They also have a bunch of bonus videos that they mix in with the rest of the content that really throws off the flow. They aren’t shot in the same style as the rest of the videos and they can be a little bit distracting.

You can only download the videos in one file format; WMV. For people who don’t have PC’s you have to get a converter for that kind of file type. Not the biggest deal in the world, really, but it can be a bit of a pain in the ass. For some people the download limit could be a bit of a negative as well, but like we already said its 35GB’s and we seriously doubt you will ever download that much content in one day. Who knows though, it could happen. It’s good to know your limits either way!

And, of course, if you are looking for a hardcore site this is not the one for you. That being said, you probably shouldn’t be looking at any soft core sites in the first place, silly!


The internet is full of hardcore sites that barely get your imagination going. Some of the best, most teasing sites are the soft core ones. Downblouse Loving gives you a great peak at all of these beautiful breasts without all of the vulgarity of other sites. If you love the tease more than you love the money shot, then you are going to love watching the videos on this site. With so many videos to choose from and so many beautiful women to see, you really don’t have anything to lose. Check out Downblouse Loving today and you will enjoy peaking down these blouses for a better, unobstructed view.